What Does A Sauna Do?

what does a sauna do

What does a sauna do and why should you consider getting one? These are good questions that you may or may not have asked yourself if you are looking for alternative methods to incorporate into your health and wellness routine. Everyone has a rough idea of what a sauna is, but few people actually know the finer details about these amazing spaces.

A sauna is a heated room that makes use of warm stones in order to mediate the temperature of the space. There are dry saunas and “wet” saunas. which are also called steam rooms. It is important to note, however, that both types of saunas make use of steam in order to provide a little bit of humidity. Humidity is important for the full function of a sauna. The main purpose of using a sauna is to sweat. That is not a very glamorous way of putting it, but it captures the basic idea. People go into saunas to relax and open up their pores. Saunas are typically very warm, with even the coolest sauna temperatures usually being in excess of one hundred and twenty degrees fahrenheit. The warmest saunas approach two hundred degrees fahrenheit and should only be used by people with a lot of experience. The humidity of a sauna serves the function of making the air more conducive to sweating for the people inside.

So, why do people want to sweat so bad. You generally want to avoid too much heat in day to day life, with measured avoidance of sunlight generally touted as a healthy way to live. The heat in a sauna is different, however, as it is a climate controlled environment where the heat is produced by non-solar means. The effects of the heat on the human body are numerous, and most of them are very beneficial to health. The majority of sauna-related health benefits are cardio related. This means that the heart and blood systems of the body are engaged and strengthened while under the heat of the sauna. The extreme heat causes the blood vessels to expand, thereby improving the circulation. Improved circulation of blood can lead to many possible benefits for sauna users, including lowered risks of heart disease and high blood pressure. The profuse sweating that occurs when in the sauna opens up the pores and can result in clearer skin.

There are inevitably some risks associated with reckless use of saunas. The high temperatures can result in heat stroke, and for men there is a small chance of fertility complications. These unfortunate side effects are almost always the result of people not taking the proper precautions. Finland is the sauna capitol of the world, and most sauna related accidents in that country are the result of the victims being previously inebriated with alcohol. There are so many good reasons to make use of a sauna. When asked “What does a sauna do?” remember this article. Saunas provide users with controlled climates designed to produce health benefits and relaxation. They are also a lot of fun.